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Today's markets ask you to adapt fast ! you need velocity !

in fact,  the rate of change of position with respect to time is the key for velocity

Velocity in tech development

bring more production capacities and bring the cost down.

Velocity in empowering the team

Efficiency in Agile

What we do

Ad Tech

Optimize search campaigns on all PPC initiatives including social, mobile, and display using a single, integrated platform and optimization tools.


We make development costs plummet and enhance productivity by 30%, by providing you with the best IT talent around the globe.


The Agile Philosophy

Bringing Agile solutions to your organisation, we use acute and lean best practices to coach executives, middle management and development teams.

Why choose us

Our international team provides a holistic approach for your company’s needs. We inspire intrapreneurship among our clients and within ourselves; to innovate, to empower others and to deliver performance. We connect with each team member, driving company-wide innovation and motivation.

Our Secret Formula

At i_brain, we work with execs teams to implement a Velocity cockpit and a Business accelerator bureau. We use agile and lean best practices to coach executive, middle management and development teams to optimize IT departments… to create value for your teams, clients and shareholders!


Do you have a problem deliverering because of the rate of charge and time ? We can help

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