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Next  Webinar for Argentina and Brazil


INVITES: i_brain
WHEN?: Jun 16h 12:00hs

You are invited to attend the webinar to get an exclusive demo in getting the best of our platform

and optimizing your campaigns for best results. The topics of this webinar are:

Campaign automation.

Bid and budget optimization.

Reporting for campaings

The Fastest Optimization Algorithm on the Market

  • BBM predicts and adjusts bids every 30 mins for more accurate bidding.
  • Delivers more clicks and conversions at a lower cost.
  • Allows you to stay in the auction all day, spending the budget throughout the full day and entire month.

Scalable Campaign Management and Reporting

  • Easy to use, all in one dashboard with KPI tracking.
  • Scheduled whitelabel reports, to save your team hours of work.
  • Bulk edit and campaign cloning functionality to make campaign changes at scale.

Simple mobile web presence

  • Promote offers lead generation solutions simple enough for everyone, but built on our robust digital agency technology.
  • Get an optimized mobile web presence for your business, for free.
  • Watch the leads roll in, no footwork required.
  • Easily track your new customer relationships.

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